Professional pedicure products and kits

Passione Beauty have a wide range pedicure products including professional pedicure kits, sets and accessories for professional use.
All our pedicure products have ergonomic handles and are made from high-quality materials. This allows you maximum precision for all treatments and ensuring that the products last a long time.

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Professional pedicure kits

Our professional pedicure kits contain different kinds of accessories and tools in one product. They are a practical solution if you want to have all the pedicure products you need to hand.
For example, our nail drill bit kits contain 7 different nail drill bits that have been specifically designed for all steps of dry pedicures. All the way from removing calluses, polishing and removing cuticles to the final shining.
All drill bits are compatible with our electric nail drills meaning that you can use this kit with a wide range of drills.

Among our pedicure products, you can also find unmissable tools for precise pedicure treatments. Discover cuticle nippers with a professional-grade blade, a double-spring opening system and a secure handle grip.

Our scissors and tweezers are built to the same quality and have some clever details like the serrated edge on the point of the tweezers to aid the removal of more troublesome residues. This makes every tool even more effective.

Discover Passione Beauty’s professional pedicure products and kits. Check out our online catalogue and find the pedicure kits and sets that are perfect for you.