Carbide Rose Gold Flame Nail Drill Bit

Carbide Rose Gold Flame Nail Drill Bit
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Product description

Carbide Rose Gold Flame Nail Drill Bit high abrasivity

- Flame shape suitable for acrylic and gel removal
- Carbide (tungsten carbide) is a very strong metal, which guarantees a very long lifetime
- Special incisions ensure little dust and heat during the work
- Low RPM recommended
- 20000 rpm for acrylic removal
- 10000 rpm for gel removal

Technical specifications
Oxidation phenomena following disinfection with peracetic acid do not impair the functionality of the tip.
How to use the product
Cleaning and disinfection:
If you wish to disinfect with peracetic acid, we recommend that you do not exceed the times and concentrations indicated on the product.

Made in: China




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