Carbide Precision Nail Drill Bit

Carbide Precision Nail Drill Bit
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Product description

Carbide Precision Nail Drill Bit medium abrasivity

Thanks to its special slim, tapered cone shape and its medium abrasivity, it is ideal for accurately trimming the cuticle area. It allows you to work very close to the cuticle area without the risk of touching the skin.

It is also suitable for perfecting with extreme precision both the C curve and the surface of the nail. Useful when correcting small imperfections, even after the work is done. The Carbide Precision tip can be used on gel polish, builder gels and AcrilGel. It only works in one direction and is not suitable for left-handed users. Carbide is a special metal that makes it more time-resistant and guarantees a long life. We recommend sterilising the bit using a hot process, autoclave or septaldehyde; if you wish to disinfect the Carbide Precision tip with peracetic, we suggest not exceeding the time and concentration levels stated on the product.

Oxidation phenomena following disinfection with peracetic will not affect the functionality of the tip.

Technical specifications
Length: 14.5 mm
Diameter at base: 2.3 mm
How to use the product
Cleaning and disinfection:
If you wish to disinfect with peracetic acid, we recommend that you do not exceed the times and concentrations indicated on the product.

Made in: China

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