Callus Rasp PLUS

Callus Rasp PLUS for pedicure 80/120 grit
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Product description

Callus Rasp PLUS for pedicure 80/120 grit

Callus Rasp PLUS with double abrasive surface 80/120 is designed to effectively remove calluses, skin thickenings and smooth the skin of feet and heels. The 80 grit has an abrasive action, ideal to remove thickening and calluses, while the 120 grit surface carefully smoothes the skin.

It is compact and handy, it is made of high-quality volcanic stone and has an ergonomic handle. It omes in a practical, customisable clear pouch, which allows each customer's callus rasp to be stored hygienically; washable and breathable, it can also be used to hold the tool while it is still damp.

Technical specifications
We recommend using a mild detergent, avoiding products with a hydro-alcoholic composition. After each use, remove residues with a brush and wash the volcanic stone with warm water and pH-neutral soap. If you wish to proceed with heat sterilisation, choose a temperature between about 120 and 140 degrees.

Made in: South Korea

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