Builder Gel Palladium 50 ml

Builder Gel Palladium 50ml
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Product description

Clear medium to low viscosity builder gel

A medium to low viscosity UV builder gel, ideal for cover-ups and refills.
Palladium is a brilliant and luminous single-phase builder gel that, thanks to its modern acid-free formulation, does not develop heat. It is transparent and contains a powerful blue filter that helps keep the colour stable over time.
It is easy to apply and to work with, self-leveling and doesn't drip.
We recommend using 'Nail Prep' and 'Primer' before application.
It is recommended to wait a few moments after curing before degreasing with "Cleaner" for maximum gloss when used as a finish.

For professional use only

Technical specifications
Viscosity: 1,5/5
Flexibility: 2/5
Heat in lamp: 2/5
Self-levelling: yes

50ml pack
How to use the product

1. Prepare the natural nail for treatment etching it using the preparation file, push and remove the cuticles, perform a dry manicure if necessary.
2. Apply then the preparators: start with the Nail Prep and, when it is completely dry, move on to the Primer; wait a few moments for it to dry completely.
3 Apply a thin coat of Base Alpha or Extrema and cure
4. Apply the builder, build the apex and cure; in case of creating a nail extension apply the Builder directly on the nail form or sculpted nail and cure
5 Remove the sticky layer with Cleaner.
6 Shape the sculpture with the precision file in case of imperfections in the application of the product.
7. Apply a gel polish, gel colour or finish, cure and degrease if necessary.

Curing Time:

Under UV lamp 36W: 180 seconds
Under UV/Led lamp: 60 seconds

Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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