Builder Gel Master Glitter 50 ml

Medium-high density builder gel Master Glitter 50ml 

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Product description

Pink with glitter hard Builder Gel, 50 ml

Master Glitter 50 ml  is a hard, single-phase builder gel of our new MAster line.

The medium-high density formula makes it ideal for medium length extensions, cover-ups and fast refills. It is perfect for salon extensions and enables high levels of performance to be achieved.

Master Glitter 50 ml is enriched with a special formula designed to develop little to no heat under lamp and is therefore also suitable for the summer period.
As it is a hard builder gel, it is functional for nail pinching and keeps the given shape. The nail extension will be resistant, even in the case of onychophagia, and will remain intact for up to 4 weeks.


Master Glitter 50 ml is single-phase and does not require a base and finish, although the possible application of a base, e.g. Extrema Base, promotes the adhesion of the builder gel on the nail. The self-levelling properties also mean that the product can be applied and modelled very easily, without dripping, simplifying and speeding up the process. Filing will be very easy.

The builder is lightly pigmented and has a refined, light dark pink colour embellished with a mix of very bright and fine glitters, with a very natural effect which does not lose brightness or fade over time, this makes it suitable for all complexion types.

Eco-friendly packaging

The exclusive double-coated amber glass packaging is an eco-friendly solution designed to better protect the gel from UV rays, which could alter its characteristics. The jar and cap are particularly practical and resistant; the surface, which features a sophisticated matt finish, also allows product residues to be removed without leaving marks.


Viscosity: 3/5
Flexibility: 2/5
Coverage: 3/5
Heat in lamp: 1/5
Acid Free: yes
Thixotropic: no

For professional use

PASSIONE BEAUTY è il nostro nuovo brand, con una nuova veste grafica, ma il prodotto che stai acquistando ha la stessa formulazione e la stessa performance di sempre.

Technical specifications
50ml pack
How to use the product

1. Prepare the natural nail for treatment etching it using the preparation file, push and remove the cuticles, perform a dry manicure if necessary.
2. Apply then the preparators: start with the Nail Prep and, when it is completely dry, move on to the Primer; wait a few moments for it to dry completely.
3 Apply a thin coat of Base Alpha or Extrema and cure
4. Apply the builder, build the apex and cure; in case of creating a nail extension apply the Builder directly on the nail form or sculpted nail and cure
5 Remove the sticky layer with Cleaner.
6 Shape the sculpture with the precision file in case of imperfections in the application of the product.
7. Apply a gel polish, gel colour or finish, cure and degrease if necessary.

Note: For an extra glossy effect, we recommend curing the builder 120 seconds under UV/LED lamp and 240 seconds under UV lamp; once cured, remove the inhibition after waiting for 30 seconds.

Curing Time:

Under UV lamp 36W: 120 seconds
Under UV/Led lamp: 60 seconds


Made in: Germany

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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