Builder Gel Creamy Builder 50 ml

Builder Gel Creamy Builder 50ml
Hema Free
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Product description

Nude High Density Builder Gel

Creamy Builder is designed to create natural-looking nail structures. Thanks to its special formulation, it is easy to work with, it doesn't drip and is stable on application while still being soft. It is Ideal for extreme extentions but also perfect for refills.
Creamy Builder is designed to replace clear builders but not cover gels.

For professional use only

Technical specifications
Colour shade: natural
Density: 5/5
Coverage: 3/5 when also used for the apex
Heat in lamp: 3/5
Builder: yes
Thixotropic: yes
Acid Free: yes
Contains glass fibres 50ml pack Made in Germany
How to use the product

1. Prepare the natural nail for treatment etching it using the preparation file, push and remove the cuticles, perform a dry manicure if necessary.
2. Apply then the preparators: start with the Nail Prep and, when it is completely dry, move on to the Primer; wait a few moments for it to dry completely.
3 Apply a thin coat of Base Alpha or Extrema and cure
4. Apply the builder, build the apex and cure; in case of creating a nail extension apply the Builder directly on the nail form or sculpted nail and cure
5 Remove the sticky layer with Cleaner.
6 Shape the sculpture with the precision file in case of imperfections in the application of the product.
7. Apply a gel polish, gel colour or finish, cure and degrease if necessary.

Curing Time:

Under UV lamp 36W: 180 seconds
Under UV/Led lamp: 60 seconds

Made in: Germany

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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