Boreal Holo Flakes

Turquoise and lilac flakes for nail decoration

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Product description

Turquoise and lilac glitter flakes for nail art

Boreal Holo Flakes contain small flakes of glitter with a holographic effect. They have turquoise and lilac reflections that recall the striking tones of the aurora borealis.

Extremely fine and luminous, they are perfect to create bright and colourful nail art; they match the base colour of the nail, releasing their beautiful coloured reflections to the full when applied on dark shades. Lilac, silver and peachy pink reflections are visible on light shades.

The application of the flakes is very easy; they can be used alone or in combination with other decorations, on the surface, encapsulated or to embellish the reverse french... and with everything creativity can suggest.

Technical specifications
0.5g pot
For professional use only.

How to use the product

1. Surface decoration:

- Apply and cure the chosen colour.
- Seal with a finish or a thin layer of builder gel/HD base, but do not cure.
- Pick up the flakes with silicone brush and create smaller flakes if desired.
- Now apply the decoration and cure.
- Seal with a finish or clear builder/ HD base and finish, then cure again.
Alternatively, you can apply the decoration directly onto the colour inhibition layer and then seal. We recommend using this method only with colours that produce very little sticky layer.

2. Encapsulated:

- Make an extension and, without curing, apply the decoration then cure.
- Build the apex using a clear builder.
- Seal with finish and cure

3. Reverse French:

1. After creating the smile line, apply flakes on the free edge of the nail.
2. Once the French has been created, complete the extension with a clear builder, filling the empty space created between the smile line and the extension.

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not apply on the natural nail or skin.

Made in: China




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