About us



Passione is the Italian brand of reference for all nail art and nail care lovers. The company was founded in 2011 to offer beauticians, nail technicians and nail artists the best professional products on the market. Following its success in Italy, Passione is now expanding into the international market to guarantee the same level of excellence to nail professionals in different countries.


PassioneNails, much more than an online shop.


The PassioneNails team has created a virtual world of real relationships based on a common passion for nail care and decoration. Our desire is to provide all nail artists with the tools to cultivate this passion. From gel nail polish to UV/LED lamps and various decorative accessories. That is why, in addition to the products, you will always find tips, tutorials and personal support on our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Contact our team for all your needs and shop in our website - it's time to live your Passione.


Enjoy the freedom to experiment: your nails are safe with us! Our team of professional nail technicians tests all products and accessories, selecting the best in terms of pigmentation quality, ease of use and long-lasting performance.

Look at the information on the product packaging: you will see that they are all certified, meet the health and safety requirements and are cruelty-free. In addition, the packaging is made almost entirely of paper and glass to eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible.


You know as well as we do: one of the most exciting aspects of our business is novelty.  New gel nail polish colours, new trends and techniques for creating and decorating nails: all this makes nail art a fascinating world to explore, offering endless possibilities to express our personality.

To keep up with the latest trends and share them with you, we invest time and energy in innovation and research for new ideas around the world. This is why PassioneNails does not follow trends: we anticipate them.


The best products, the best prices and 24/48 hours delivery. This is our commitment. This is the basis of the relationship of trust we have established with our brand's customers.

Guaranteeing this service means reducing the supply chain, limiting costs and delivery times.

It also means continuing to improve, learning about new brands and experimenting with special pigments to bring you better and more beautiful gel nail polishes at the same competitive price we have always offered you.


The strength of PassioneNails is the relationship of trust and teamwork of our team members.

Passione is a big family made up of professionals who work every day to build the future of the brand and make it grow. But the most valuable part of this family is you: people who trust us, who choose us every day because they love the world of nail art and want to live and share their passione. 


To stay in touch with you, we post tutorial videos, styling tips, information on seasonal trends and monthly promotions.

However, what we love most is listening to you. Doubts, ideas, questions and comments - your opinion really matters to us!

Make your voice heard on our Facebook and Instagram pages and rely on our customer service for all your needs.